Secure vet-only access to database with ID verification and password protected account.


Linked to global standard Pet Microchip ID, every pet record becomes universal and comprehensive.


Automatic historical timeline for pets medical vaccine and invoice records! Get also reminder for next visits!


Manage new customers through automated AI that recognizes your customer by phone number.


Auto generate vet services and medicines for faster checkout and stock control.

Fast Checkout

Invoicing has never been this easy with auto generated data and payment gateway system. Email copy customer for better customer service!


Reporting Dashboard

  • Pet records
  • Owner records
  • Clinic statistics
image image iVetData CRM screenshot

Pet Consultation

  • Chat
  • Appointment calendar
  • Booking & reminder
image image iVetData CRM screenshot

Finance & Inventory Management

  • Service management
  • Medicine stocks
  • Invoicing
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Clinic & Team Management

  • Staff management
  • Vet training
  • Articles publishing
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